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They’re Not Just Drivers. They’re Driven.

We’re proud to know that our vehicles are the choice among those who don’t sit back and wait. But those who go out and make things happen. Those who inspire us. People like you. Demonstrating passion, ingenuity, courage — all in the spirit of Built Ford Proud.™
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Actor. Influencer. Ford Lover.

Sydney Sweeney learned to drive in her grandpa’s ’67 Ford F-100™ pickup. Since then, she’s developed a lifelong passion for Ford vehicles. Sydney feels right at home getting her hands dirty while restoring her vintage Bronco® SUV she proudly named “Cherry.” Along the way, inspiring women everywhere to follow their passions. 
2023 Ford Bronco® SUVs parked in a field

A Legacy that Spans Generations

It’s the SUV that set the mold for all SUV’s. From a young age, a classic Ford Bronco® SUV was Sydney Sweeney’s dream vehicle. Now make one yours.
*Always consult the Owner’s Manual before off-road driving. Know your terrain and trail difficulty and use appropriate safety gear.

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Surfer. Champion. Humanitarian.

For big wave surfer, Kai Lenny, tackling a monster wall of water is all about timing. When the big waves roll in, he and his Ford pickup need to be ready to go. He also takes time to tackle another passion — building a charity.

Thrill-Seeker. Stunt Driver. Trail Blazer.

How do you crush stereotypes in a male-dominated profession? By becoming a world-class stunt driver – as a minority woman. Dee Bryant spent thousands of hours behind the wheel honing her skills that broke the mold. And now she is out to inspire more women to follow their dreams.
Two 2023 Ford Mustang Coups parked near shipping containers

Iconic in More Ways Than One

Like a fire breathing V8 engine; the power of one woman’s drive to make change is unmatched. Dee Bryant and Ford Mustang® — two icons that have changed the face of their industries.
Preproduction model shown. Available Summer 2023.

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