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Ford Fiesta’s smart forward thinking interior design

Designed with a lot of forward thinking.

A lot of forward thinking went into the design of the fun-to-drive Ford Fiesta, with features from the rear view camera and hill start assist technology (included as standard in every Fiesta)10 to the solid engineering that created the extensive occupant safety structure. And with so many people wanting to drive your Fiesta, standard MyKey® lets owners set requirements or restrictions on certain features to help them drive more responsibly.

U.S. Model Shown.

Standard rear view camera in the Ford Fiesta

Standard Rear View Camera10

Get a clear picture of what’s behind your vehicle and see things you might otherwise miss.10 Shift into Reverse and slowly back up – the rear view camera automatically transmits the image to the display screen in the centre stack.

2018 Ford Fiesta stopping at a light in Lightning Blue

Standard Hill Start Assist10

While you’re on an uphill, Hill Start Assist10 automatically activates and holds the brakes for two seconds after you release the brake pedal, giving you sufficient time to shift your foot to the accelerator and preventing the car from rolling back. You’ll find this feature especially helpful if your 2018 Fiesta is equipped with a manual transmission.

Intelligent Access with Push Button Start

Available Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start

With your key fob on you, the available Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start lets you press the button on the door handle to open. Once you’re in, step on the brake pedal (or clutch for a manual transmission), press the power button and go.



MyKey technology lets you program individual keys so that two members of a household can share a car, yet have personalized settings take effect when they use their unique keys. MyKey lets you designate a key to operate unique features, such as restricting the vehicle’s top speed to 105, 113, 121 or 129 km/h (65, 70, 75, 80 mph) and limiting the entertainment system’s audio to under 45% of maximum volume. It also provides a warning when the fuel tank reaches 120 kilometres to empty, allows owners to select speed alert chimes at 75, 90 or 105 km/h (45, 55 or 65 mph), and sets the Belt-Minder to chime, while muting the audio system, until the safety belt is buckled.

U.S. Model Shown.

Cold Weather Package

Cold Weather Package

When the temperature drops, the Cold Weather Package has you covered. Standard on Fiesta SE and above, features include heated first-row seats, heated exterior mirrors, and electronic automatic temperature control.

Engineered for safety, Ford Fiesta uses Boron steel and seven airbags

Safety Features

High-strength Boron steel strengthens critical safety zones, including the floor structure, front rails and beams, and the primary components of the integrated body-side reinforcement (essentially a complex roll cage). And Fiesta has a system of seven airbags including dual-stage driver and front passenger airbags, and first- and second-row side-curtain airbags with roll-fold technology designed to inflate between the window glass and an occupant’s head. These side-curtain airbags, along with the front seat side airbags, help protect the head and chest in certain side collisions. Fiesta also has an airbag that inflates between the driver’s knees and the instrument panel.