Power liftgate with obstacle detection

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your vehicle has a feature that keeps it from closing if it detects something in its way. In fact‚ the power liftgate has sensors that help protect you and anything else that might get in the way of it closing.


Integrated blind spot mirrors

Knowing Your Vehicle - A lot of people are wondering what this little mirror is for. It’s simple: It’s for helping you see the cars in your blind spot. Because it’s part of the sideview mirror‚ it moves whenever you adjust your mirror so it’s always in just the right position.


One-touch power windows

Knowing Your Vehicle - Did you know you can open or close your window all the way without having to hold the button down?


Power liftgate

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your power liftgate has a few important features you may not know about. For starters‚ you may have noticed that it doesn’t have a pull handle on the outside. Instead‚ it has a soft-sided button inside the liftgate handle. It’s simple to use. Just press the button and the liftgate will automatically open.


Escape roof rack

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your vehicle was delivered to you with the roof rack installed in the quietest position‚ but for a quieter‚ more fuel-efficient ride‚ you can remove your crossbars unless you need them to carry cargo.


Auto Start-Stop

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your car has an available feature that’s designed to help reduce emissions and the amount of fuel you use.


Fusion electric parking brake

Knowing Your Vehicle - The parking brake in your vehicle is not only easier to use than a lever or a foot pedal‚ it also saves you valuable interior space. Here’s how it works.



Knowing Your Vehicle - Thanks to MyKey‚ an available assistance feature‚ you can limit certain functions in your vehicle to help you or a loved one practice good driving habits. Here are a few things you’ll need to know about it.


Wipers – front and rear functionality

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your vehicle is equipped with an available wiper stalk that controls the front and rear window wipers.


Manual seat adjustment

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your seats may not have electronic controls but you can still move them forward or back‚ recline them and change the driver’s seat height.


SelectShift Automatic®:Drive vs. Sport Mode

Knowing Your Vehicle - Did you know that your automatic transmission lets you manually switch gears too?


Lane-Keeping System

Knowing Your Vehicle - Did you know your vehicle can alert you when you need to steer back into your lane? It can. With Lane-Keeping System. Let me tell you about it.


SecuriCode™ invisible keypad

Knowing Your Vehicle - Did you know that you can unlock your doors and open your trunk or manual liftgate without a key or a remote?


Front wiper stalk functionality

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your wipers are controlled with the stalk located on the right side of the steering column. This is where you can choose the wipe speed. Let me show you how they work.


Power windows: Global-open/close feature

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your vehicle may have a feature that lets you open or close your windows with your key fob, and that can help you cool the inside of your car before you get in. Let me show you how it works.

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