Purchase FAQs

  • Am I eligible for a payment extension?

    Payment extensions alloy you to defer a payment until a later date. This service may be offered to customers who need assistance with a temporary financial burden. Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-636-7346 to discuss options available to you.


  • What if I get an extension but have automatic payments?

    An extension must be processed at least two days before a scheduled payment to avoid having the payment pulled. Ford Credit will resume automatic payments with your next payment due.


  • What programs are offered to help maintain my vehicle or protect it from damage?

    Ford Credit provides access to a variety of different programs to help protect your vehicle from damage. For more information, visit Vehicle Protection.

  • Do I still pay interest on a payment extension?

    Finance charges, or interest, will continue to accrue on your account. Because of the extension, your unpaid amount financed, or the principal balance, may not be reduced as rapidly as it would have under your original payment schedule. This may result in you owing more interest over the term of your contract than originally disclosed.

  • Can I have a late charge waived?

    Please contact Customer Service, if you have a question concerning a late charge.

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