The Ford of Canada Sponsorship Program

Whether you’re involved in sports, the community or music and are truly passionate and dedicated to your craft – we thank you for considering Ford Canada as a potential sponsor.


Our sponsorship support has been committed for 2023 to 2024 and our intake is closed. You’re invited to learn more about the types of programs we support below. And if you’d like to submit your application for future consideration, please use this form.

Sponsoring moments that move and connect us

Whether you’re involved in sports, the community or music and are truly passionate and dedicated to your craft, Ford shares your hunger. No matter the pursuit, we’ve all experienced those moments of crowning glory that live on in our memories. But it is about more than just the moment. Thousands of hours were sacrificed to get there. It’s bigger than any one moment. It’s bigger than just ourselves.  These moments, when connected become the fabric of our lives and connect us to one another. That’s why right from the beginning, Ford’s dedication to sponsoring each and every moment is unwavering.


Sport Sponsorship


We’re not just sponsors, we’re fans too. So, whether we’re helping to put kids on the ice and one step closer to realizing their dream, or sponsoring a professional basketball team, our philosophy’s the same.


It’s more than just a moment. No one ever got to the pinnacle of their career, the memory of winning the championship forever etched in their mind and psyche without a lot of practice and sacrifice.


That’s why we’re committed to supporting all the moments along the way.



Ford believes in building communities. Communities we live in, work in, and work with. Vibrant communities, bursting with bustling parks and playgrounds where kids can be kids. Lively neighbourhoods where businesses thrive.


But communities like this don’t happen by accident. They take more than just a moment or a one-time project. They’re built over time as feelings of unity and belonging take hold.


That’s why we sponsor ongoing community initiatives through volunteering and charitable giving. Because we’re not just building communities, we’re building communities with a sense of community.



Music. It has the power to transcend time and space, transporting us back to moments in time. Stirring emotions, it is a language unto itself, capable of crossing cultures.


Evoking memories, eliciting chills, stirring tears and overwhelming us with moments of sheer joy. It moves us. But it’s more than just a moment. Because moments; much like the notes in a song, build upon the ones that came before them to create a work of art.


And that’s why we’re committed to helping to create masterpieces, right from the beginning.