2024 F-150®

Towing & Hauling

Moves More So You Can Do More

The bigger the job the more strength required to get it done. When you want to get away for a weekend off-roading or need to haul paver bricks for home updates, the F-150® pickup delivers outstanding towing and hauling capability. That's why our trucks are called upon more to get you where you need to be — with what you need.
2024 Ford F-150® pickup in Rapid red pulling a trailer carrying ATVs

Takes Smarts to Tow Smart

It’s never just one thing. One day it's a trailer full of lumber, the next, the family camper. With so many demands that require proven capability, you need a truck that runs the gamut on towing performance — as well as innovative towing technology. That’s where the Ford F-150® pickup comes ready with smart integrated features to help hitch, manoeuvre, and tow with confidence.
2024 Ford F-150® Platinum® truck pulling a camper
ATVs loaded onto a trailer with two people standing near a 2024 Ford F-150® truck in Rapid Red

Towing Guide

Don’t try to guess whether or not what you’re planning on towing is even possible to do — safely. Find the right F-150® truck for your towing needs with this helpful guide and take the guesswork out of the equation.

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