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Innovative interior design in the 2018 Ford E Series Cutaway cabin

Work comfortably. Operate productively.

The more comfortably you work, the more productive — and profitable — you can be. That’s the idea behind the interior of the E-Series Cutaway built by Ford. The Slimline engine cover console offers convenient access to travel items as well as easy accessibility to the cargo area. The electronic message centre provides useful vehicle information in one central display. And there’s available SYNC®6 giving you voice-activated access to communications, entertainment and more.
U.S. Model Shown.
The electronic message center in the 2018 E Series Cutaway

Available Electronic Message Centre

The available electronic message centre provides the information that a business relying on commercial vehicles would need on a daily basis — kilometres-to-empty, kilometres travelled, average fuel efficiency, oil life, engine idle hours, engine hours and more. And perhaps best of all, this useful information can be easily accessed in one convenient electronic display in the centre of the instrument cluster.

U.S. Model Shown.

Available SYNC in the E Series Cutaway

Available SYNC® 6  

Available SYNC6  features include hands-free calling, automatic phone book download and voice-activated music commands. You can also bring the power of Siri® Eyes Free and your iPhone® into your vehicle91  Plus, SYNC comes with no-extra-charge 911 Assist5 .
U.S. Model Shown.
The available 110 volt power outlet in the 2018 Ford E Series Cutaway

Available 110-Volt AC Outlet

Have an accessory that needs a plug? A tool that needs recharging? Then take advantage of the E-Series’ available 110-volt power outlet. It’s a conventional AC plug-in outlet that goes wherever the job takes you.

Multifunction Slimline engine cover console in the 2018 Ford E Series Cutaway cabin

Slimline Engine Cover Console

The Slimline engine cover console serves as a multifunction cover over the engine with beverage holders and storage compartments. And its slim design provides convenient clearance from either seat to the cargo area.

Ford Telematic Powered by Telogis in the 2018 E Series Cutaway

Available Ford Telematics Powered by Telogis® 116

Ford Telematics powered by Telogis®116 is designed specifically for Ford commercial vehicles, providing complete visibility of vehicle operations, to improve productivity and operational savings. Ford Telematics provides maintenance reminders based on the actual condition of the vehicle to lower maintenance costs, reduce downtime and assists in keeping vehicles within their recommended service intervals.

Other benefits:
•Exclusive diagnostics – Real-time alerts, custom dashboards and reports
•Driver behavior – Safety belt use, speeding, hard braking/accelerating and more
•Factory-orderable – Cost can be capitalized with vehicle purchase


Lear more at www.telogis.ca/ford