Ford Edge parked at upscale office complex
Ford Edge parked at upscale office complex


With Lease, you have the option to purchase your lease vehicle. When you purchase your vehicle at lease-end you are not responsible for Excess Wear and Tear or excess kilometre charges. Follow these simple steps to help ensure a smooth and convenient vehicle purchase. See how easy it is to own your Ford and go further.

Get a purchase option price

The Lease Agreement includes the purchase option price at lease-end. To obtain your vehicle’s purchase price prior to lease-end, contact Customer Support.

Contact your Originating Dealer*

Talk with your Ford Dealer about:

  • Your vehicle purchase options
  • The final purchase price, including taxes and other charges
  • Your appointment to purchase your lease vehicle on or before your scheduled lease-end date

Purchase your lease vehicle

Please review the Purchase Option price in your Lease Agreement and return to your originating Dealer*. They will:

  • Provide a final purchase price with taxes and other charges (applicable local fees such as registration and license)
  • Review the overall condition of the vehicle with you
  • Complete your purchase transaction

Please note: Failure to complete lease-end transactions by your lease-end date could result in additional charges as described in your Lease Agreement.

* If you have moved, and are now residing more than 200 kilometres from your originating Dealer, you may return the vehicle to a participating Ford Dealer. Be sure to contact the respective Dealer for an appointment prior to vehicle return.

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