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With Lease, you have the option of returning your vehicle at lease-end.

Excess Wear and Tear assessment

Before you return your vehicle, its overall condition will be evaluated to determine if there is any Excess (or chargeable) Wear and Tear. To help you assess the condition of your vehicle and excess kilometres at any time during your lease, please refer to excess Wear and Tear.

Your lease vehicle inspection identifies excess wear and tear prior to the end of your lease. Identifying wear and tear before your vehicle return gives you time to process claims for damage covered under your insurance policy.

Contact your originating Dealer*

Talk with your Ford Dealer about:

  • Your vehicle return options
  • Questions about Excess Wear and Tear or Excess Kilometres
  • Your appointment to return your lease vehicle on or before your scheduled lease-end date

Consider vehicle repairs

If your vehicle is in need of any repairs, your Ford Dealer has expert techs and quality service along with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to help ensure your vehicle is ready for return.

Retain copies of all repair receipts to verify completed repairs when returning your lease vehicle.

Prepare your vehicle for return

Here are some tips to help make your return easy and convenient:

  • Remove any personal items from the vehicle. Check areas including:
    • Seat backs, sun visors and under seats
    • Compartments (e.g. centre console, glove box, eyeglasses holder, spare tire)
    • Media and devices (e.g. CD, DVD, USB, MP3)
  • Gather items that came with your vehicle including:
    • All keys and key fobs
    • DVD headphones and remote
    • Navigation media (e.g. DVD, memory card)
    • Cargo covers and luggage crossbars
    • Floor mats
    • Owner manuals
    • Wheel rims on the vehicle at lease origination
    • Items unique to electrified vehicles (e.g. charging cords)
    • Any other items that came with the vehicle

Return your lease vehicle

When you return your vehicle to your originating Dealer*, remember to bring any repair receipts along with all keys and key fobs. To fulfill your lease obligations, please remember to:

  • Satisfy any remaining financial obligations.
  • Complete mandatory lease-end vehicle disclosure questions such as:
    • Has the vehicle's odometer been rolled back?
    • Has the vehicle been used as a police cruiser?
    • Has the vehicle sustained damage caused by fire?
  • These questions do not represent an extensive list of disclosure questions and are mere samples only. Customers will be provided with the lease-end disclosure questions at time of lease termination.

Please note: Failure to complete lease-end transactions by your lease-end date could result in additional charges as described in your Lease Agreement.

* If you have moved, and are now residing more than 200 kilometres from your originating Dealer, you may return the vehicle to a participating Ford Dealer. Be sure to contact the respective Dealer for an appointment prior to vehicle return.

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