Why Choose Motorcraft® Brakes?

When you’re carrying your most precious cargo, don’t depend on anything less. Motorcraft Brakes are Ford engineering-approved to ensure optimal performance from your Ford. Plus, our Technicians receive extensive training to ensure that your brake pads are installed right the first time to give you like-new brake performance.
Ford Brakes video

Talk To Your Ford Service Advisor If:


  • Your brakes grab at the slightest pressure
  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking
  • You hear excessive squealing, grinding, chattering or groaning
  • Your brake pedal or steering wheel shakes or vibrates when braking
  • Your brake pedal feels different
Ford technician adjusts a brake disc

Lifetime Warranty on Motorcraft Brakes & Pads47 

All genuine Ford Motorcraft replacement brake pads and shoes come with a Lifetime Warranty47, so they could be the last you’ll ever buy. Brake pads and shoes are also covered by the Ford Protection Plan47, which offers replacement coverage for as long as you own your vehicle.