Stream music or a movie, access your favourite apps, browse the web, and take calls while on the move using FordPass Connect™112 with Wi-Fi Hotspot124.

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Ready? Make sure your vehicle is parked in a safe location. Confirm you have a FordPass Connect™112  with Wi-Fi Hotspot124  -equipped vehicle.*
FordPass™ Connect-equipped vehicles with Wi-Fi Hotspot: *All FordPass Connect™-equipped vehicles (2018 model year and onward) include Wi-Fi Hotspot capability with the exception of 2018 model year Fusion and F-150 Raptor.
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    Download the FordPass™ app99  


    • From the App Store97  or Google Play98
    • Create an account or log in
    • Create a 4-digit PIN, or use Touch ID if you’re on an Apple device97
    • Select “Add Vehicle”, then add your FordPass Connect™-equipped vehicle by scanning the VIN barcode inside the driver’s side door, or type in the VIN number 

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    Activate your modem


    • Tap “Activate Vehicle” icon in the FordPass Vehicle Details screen
    • Wait a few minutes and then start your vehicle
    • A pop-up message will appear on the SYNC®3 vehicle touchscreen, tap “Allow”

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    Set up your data trial


    • Open FordPass™ on your phone and tap the blue “Vehicle Hotspot” button
    • Follow the steps to begin your data trial 112, 124

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    Data trial over? Select a Bell data plan


    • Visit Bell to select a data plan that’s right for you

Set up and connect your FordPass Connect™112  Wi-Fi Hotspot124  

  • Activate your Bell Wi-Fi trial124
  • Then go to “Settings” on your vehicle’s SYNC®3 homescreen 
  • Swipe left and touch the “Wi-Fi Hotspot” tile
  • Choose “Vehicle Hotspot” and be sure Wi-Fi Hotspot is turned on
  • From there, select “Settings” and set up a password if you’d like one
  • Tap the “Data usage” tile to see your usage, after you’ve authorized your vehicle via the FordPass™ app99 on your phone