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A person using the Waze app through the Sync 3 platform


Outsmart Traffic with Waze Integration172 

Waze is a GPS navigation app that gives you a route in real time to help avoid traffic, thanks to help from over 115 million fellow drivers who use it. User data shows things like traffic jams and road closures with alternate routes to avoid them.172 

Apple car play displaying on a ford vehicle’s console


Apple CarPlay® & Android AutoTM110 Compatibility

Whether you’re Team iPhone or Team Android, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will overlay itself on your Ford’s screen so you can get the smartphone experience you’ve come to know and love in your vehicle. Plus, you can activate features with voice commands.

A Sync 3 screen showing a siri icon


Siri Eyes Free91

With Siri Eyes Free and your iPhone, you can get directions, send text messages, even update your Twitter account, and much more just by asking Siri to do it for you12. Once activated, the touchscreen turns off to reduce distractions.

Android auto navigation showing on a Sync 3 display


Google Assistant

Your Google Assistant is now integrated into Android Auto110. To get hands-free help while you drive, simply say “okay, Google” then go ahead and ask to hear your favourite song, get directions to the nearest gas station, and much more.

Sirius XM displaying on a Sync screen



Customers receive a six-month prepaid subscription to “SiriusXM All Access”, which includes 140+ channels with amazing variety and unparalleled entertainment.13 Get access to all Premium Channels, including Howard Stern, NHL®, NFL, MLB® and more. Listen in your vehicle, from coast to coast. Plus, listen online, on the app or on your smart TV.

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Your Eyes on the Road

A user activating hands-free calling


Hands-Free Calling Features


  • Uninterrupted connection
  • Ringtone support
  • Audible text message and preset text replies
  • Customizable text message responses via on-screen keyboard
A user enjoying the entertainment options of Sync 3




  • Voice-activated music search, FM/AM/SiriusXM®13 tuning
  • Bluetooth-streaming music, podcasts, and audiobooks3
  • SiriusXM®13 Satellite Radio with replay
911 assistant displaying on a Sync 3 screen


Complimentary 911 Assist®5

911 Assist5  can call for help in the event of an emergency, even if you can’t.

Sync 3 touch screen climate controls


Climate Control

Use your Sync 390 touch display to set your favourite temperature, simple as that.

Connected and in Control

From pairing your smartphone to using voice commands, these helpful videos will show you everything you need to know to make the most of your vehicle’s SYNC® 6  features.

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