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Stop paying too much for tires.

Stop paying for replacement brake pads altogether.

Ford Service is your one-stop shop for tires and brakes.  

We will not be undersold on tires49  and offer a lifetime warranty47  on Motorcraft® brake pads and shoes.

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Below 7°C, all-season tires start to lose traction and should be changed to winter tires.


You can’t see it, but at 7˚C, the road can get slippery with all-season tires, even if there’s no chance of snow. Luckily, Ford tire experts have over a million hours of combined training nationwide, and know your Ford better than anyone else. They have a full range of national brands and can help find the right tires that perform optimally for your vehicle, driving habits, and local conditions.

Plus, if you find a lower advertised price, they’ll match it for up to 30 days, guaranteed49. Participating locations also offer Convenient Tire Storage57 if you need it.

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Then, visit the Ford Store to talk to our Experts about helping you find the tire that's perfect for you.

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A combined million hours in Ford-training helps our experts get it right.

Ford Motorcraft® Brake pads are designed by Ford Engineers to be the perfect fit for your Ford’s brake system. They are also tested in-lab and on-road to meet or even exceed federal motor vehicle safety standards48. Plus, our Technicians receive extensive training to ensure that your brake pads are installed right the first time, and give you like-new brake performance, and reduce noise and dust. That’s quality service. Undisputed.

Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.



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