How To Apply

The Ford Sponsorship - How-to-Apply

Thank you for considering Ford Canada as a potential sponsor.



Each year Ford receives many requests for sponsorship from worthy individuals and organizations. Before sending through your application, please read below to determine whether your request will fit within the parameters of our current strategy for commercial sponsorships.

A sponsorship is assessed for:


  • Geographic Reach - Ford of Canada focuses primarily on commercial sponsorships that have a national reach
  • Ability to connect with current potential Ford of Canada consumers and the ability to increase purchase consideration
  • Alignment with the Ford brand
  • Ability to generate viable leads
  • Vehicle sales opportunities
  • Demonstration of competitive advantages

If you feel that your sponsorship request fits the criteria, please fill in the request form below. Please allow at least eight to 10 business days for a response.

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Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I am allowed to apply for sponsorship from Ford?


A: No, we are happy to review new information that you feel has enhanced your proposal and potential for Ford consideration.




Q: Approximately how long will it take for me to complete the form?


A: The form will take approximately 15-20 minutes to fill out.




Q: Is it possible for me to save my request form and continue at a later date if I choose?


A: Yes, the form can be saved and submitted when you have completed all of the required fields.



Contact Us


For more information please e-mail a Ford Sponsorship Representative at