F-150 Lightning™ General Product Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to buy from a Ford Dealer? 
Yes, you must purchase your F-150 Lightning from an Electric Vehicle (EV)-certified dealer.

What does the SYNC 4A system on the F-150 Lightning Lariat and Platinum models offer?
The SYNC 4A system is a sleek and modern interface that uses machine learning to quickly learn drivers' preferences and gets better over time with Ford Power-Up software updates. The available 15.5-inch portrait touchscreen and adaptive dash card interface ditches complicated menus, making it easier to access features. 

Can the batteries be recycled? 
All Ford EV batteries are recyclable. In addition, Ford has recently partnered with Redwood Materials to build out a more sustainable battery life cycle.

What is the warranty on the F-150 Lightning?
Our New Vehicle Limited Warranty will help give you peace of mind with the following:

  • Electric Vehicle Component Coverage: Eight years or 160,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first), with retention of 70% or more of the original High Voltage Battery capacity over that period
  • Powertrain coverage: Five years/100,000 kilometres
  • Bumper to Bumper coverage: Three years/60,000 kilometres
  • Safety Restraint System coverage: Five years/100,000 kilometres
  • Corrosion coverage (Perforation only): Five years/unlimited kilometres
  • Electric Vehicle Roadside Assistance Program: Five years/100,000 kilometres

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How many motors does the F-150 Lightning have?
The F-150 Lightning features dual electric motors targeted to have more torque than any F-150 available today, and the ability to haul up to 2,235 lbs** and tow up to 10,000 lbs*** max trailer tow package and extended-range battery on Pro, XLT, and Lariat models.

How is the F-150 Lightning engineered for capability and performance? 
Every F-150 Lightning goes through the same Built Ford Tough® engineering and testing regimen every other F-Series truck endures. The F-150 internal combustion engine version was tested with the equivalent of 12 million kilometres before the first went on sale.

Is the F-150 Lightning made of aluminum alloy? 
Yes. High-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy is proven to be our best performing material to meet our Built Ford Tough standards, along with an upgraded, high-strength steel frame.

Does this truck include an all-new frame? 
Our new high-strength steel frame was uniquely designed for the F-150 Lightning, developed specifically to help the truck deliver its Built Ford Tough durability and capability.

What is Pro Power Onboard?
Available Pro Power Onboard on the F-150 Lightning enables 2.4 kilowatts (kW) or 9.6kW of exportable electricity. The 9.6kW Pro Power Onboard provides a 240 volt (V) outlet and enables vehicle-to-vehicle charging with the Mobile Power Cord and adapter. Electrical outlets are located in three different areas (cab, Mega Power Frunk, and rear bed). The 2.4kW Pro Power Onboard comes standard on Pro models with an optional 9.6 kW output available. The 9.6 kW Pro Power Onboard is standard on XLT, Lariat, and Platinum models.****

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How much power is available in the Mega Power Frunk? 
Approximately 2.4kW of the total Pro Power Onboard is accessed from the Mega Power Frunk for powering tools, appliances and more. It comes equipped with four electrical outlets and two USB chargers, so it can easily be used as a portable workstation that also powers worksite tools.

What can you fit in the Mega Power Frunk? 
The Mega Power Frunk allows you to easily lock and store items like tools, job site materials and power equipment. For wet or muddy gear, a drain hole to wash it out makes packing virtually anything an option. D-rings, cargo hooks, a cargo net and a no-skid, removable floor mat help secure a variety of cargo items. It's also wide enough to fit two full sets of golf clubs, or two carry-on bags and one checked bag.

What is FordPass Power My Trip? 
The Power My Trip feature on the FordPass App considers the truck’s current state of charge and identifies the right charging points along a route to make a trip as efficient as possible, even before you get in the truck.

How does FordPass Power My Trip integrate with towing and payload to make charging easier? 
The Ford Trip Planner feature will help take towing and payload into account to give you the best idea of when and/or where to charge to keep you feeling confident about your available range.

What is the usable battery capacity of the F-150 Lightning? 
The standard-range battery has 98-kilowatt hour (kWh) of usable battery energy, and the extended-range battery has 131kWh***** of usable battery energy.

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When will the F-150 Lightning arrive? 
The Ford F-150 Lightning will begin production starting spring 2022.

Where will the F-150 Lightning be built? 
At the Rouge complex in an all-new facility built specifically for the F-150 Lightning, proudly assembled in North America.******

What is the acceleration? 
The F-150 Lightning targets 0 to 95 kiloometres per hour in the four-second range with the extended-range battery. It is also targeted to reach peak acceleration in 0.6 seconds.*******

Is the F-150 Lightning eligible for AXZ Plans? 
Due to overwhelming demand, the 2022 model year F-150 Lightning will not be eligible for A/X/Z and D-Plan pricing.

What body parts are the same as the gas-powered F-150?  
The F-150 Lightning shares a number of body panels with the internal combustion engine and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, which include the doors and bed interior. These commonalities enable the transfer of your accessories and upfits between the two trucks.

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How do I know the range is accurate when towing and hauling? 
The F-150 Lightning comes equipped with Intelligent Range that helps calculate range based on past driver behaviour, weather conditions, speed, terrain and even towing and payload (with available onboard scales) to predict how much energy will be used in future driving. If the range is impacted notably by any number of factors at the start of a trip, you will receive a notification in your cluster highlighting the new range estimate and details about why the estimate changed.

Why did Ford collaborate with Qmerit on home charging installation, Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power, and solar/battery storage? 
Ford teamed up with Qmerit to facilitate easy installation of the Ford Charge Station Pro (80A) and Ford Intelligent Backup Power (planned 2024 availability). 

What is Ford Intelligent Backup Power?
With Ford Intelligent Backup Power, enabled by the available Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System (planned 2024 availability), your F-150 Lightning can automatically kick in to power your house if your power goes out. Once power is restored, the truck automatically reverts to charging its battery. Based on an average 30 kWh of use per day, a fully charged F-150 Lightning with an extended-range battery provides full-home power for up to three days, or as long as ten days if power is rationed********, with results varying based on energy usage. Click here to learn more about Intelligent Backup Power.

In the future, Ford will introduce Intelligent Power, which can use the truck to power homes during high-cost, peak-energy hours while taking advantage of low-cost overnight rates to charge the vehicle in time for your morning drive. This can help save money on electricity that powers your vehicle and home while also taking pressure off the grid in peak usage times.

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**Max payload with standard-range battery and 18-inch wheels. See label on the door jamb for carrying capacity of a specific vehicle.

***Max towing on Pro, XLT and Lariat models with the available extended-range battery and Max Trailer Tow Pkg. Max towing varies based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories and number of passengers.

****See Owner's Manual for important operating instructions.

*****Based on manufacturer calculation using computer engineering simulations. Results may vary.

******Assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.

*******Targeted performance reflects current status based on analytical projections consistent with US Automotive publication processes. 

********When home is properly equipped and home transfer switch disconnects home from the grid. Based on 30kWh use per day using the F-150 Lightning with the extended-range battery. Your results may vary depending on energy usage. Rationing power assumes limiting the number of devices and turning the truck off when not needed.