F-150 Lightning Reservation Closure and Order Bank Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ford of Canada still taking F-150 Lightning reservations?
No, the reservation system is now closed.

Why did Ford of Canada close the F-150 Lightning reservation system?
We closed the reservation system for F-150 Lightning to effectively prepare for order banks that opened in January 2022.

Why did Ford of Canada keep reservations open even though not all current reservation holders will be able to receive a 2022 MY F-150 Lightning?
A reservation allows you to show interest in the F-150 Lightning and to be invited back to place an order as production becomes available. Collecting reservations allows us to understand the level of demand for this vehicle and to guide production planning for years to come.

Does the opening of the order bank in January 2022 impact production?
No, 2022 MY F-150 Lightning production remains on track to begin in late spring 2022.

How many units is Ford going to produce for the 2022 MY?
We are not sharing specifics on volume at this time.

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How will reservation holders receive their invitation to order?
All reservation holders will receive an email from Ford of Canada notifying them that their preferred Ford Dealer will contact them when they are ready to take their order. Due to high demand and product availability, not all reservation holders will get to place an order right away as timing depends on several factors, including reservation demand at their dealer.

If the vehicle configuration I want is not available, can I hold my place in line for a later model year vehicle?
If the configuration is not available, you may change to a buildable configuration, wait for a future model year, or cancel your reservation.

Will the first people to place their orders be the first to receive them?
Not necessarily. Actual delivery times will vary based on vehicle model and configuration selected, dealer location, and demand. Once your vehicle is scheduled for production, you will receive further notification from Ford on timing.

Will all reservation holders get an invitation to order a 2022 MY F-150 Lightning?
No. Unfortunately, due to the high demand levels and availability, not all reservation holders will be invited to order for 2022 MY. We continue to work through constraints and increase volumes.

When does Ford of Canada believe reservation holder orders will fill the 2022 MY production?
We currently forecast sometime in spring 2022 to have enough orders to fulfill 2022 MY production. 

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When is the 2022 MY F-150 Lightning being produced?
Production for the 2022 MY will start in spring 2022.

When will ordering begin for those not invited to place a 2022 MY order?
We are currently targeting summer 2022 to begin ordering for the subsequent model year.

When will 2023 MY production begin?
We are currently targeting fall 2022 for 2023 MY production to begin.

How do I get my deposit back if I decide to cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation at any time from your Ford Account on Ford.ca by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to MY ACCOUNT.

If you are unable to cancel the reservation through your Ford Account, contact your dealer, and they will assist you with this process. 

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Can I change my order once it is submitted?
After ordering your vehicle, you should contact your selected dealer to inquire about updating or changing your vehicle order. 

What do I do if I want an F-150 Lightning but do not have a reservation?
Ford of Canada recommends that non-reservation holders sign up for “Get Updates” located on the Ford.ca F-150 Lightning vehicle homepage to ensure you get the latest updates and news around the F-150 Lightning. We also recommend that you stay in contact with your preferred dealer.

Will there be any opportunity to buy an F-150 Lightning off the lot without a reservation?
Reservation holders will be the first to be invited to place an order for an F-150 Lightning. Due to high demand, Ford does not forecast any dealer stock orders to be on the lot until later model years.

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