Why is my part on backorder?

Ford Motor Company produces original equipment (OE) and genuine Motorcraft® service parts to ensure the highest quality performance and reliability available for your vehicle. We make every attempt to provide parts in a timely manner, but occasionally, the parts supply chain can be disrupted and minor delays or long-term backorders can result.

While specific reasons for a delayed part cannot always be determined, there are several common reasons for a backorder, such as:

  • Transportation/weather delays
  • Engineering part changes or upgrades
  • Supplier capabilities
  • Very high or very low demand variables

Ford Dealers are in the best position to determine if a part is available for purchase. Additional handling charges may apply for emergency status or expedited shipping. Parts no longer available to dealerships are considered obsolete. However, there may be remaining parts available from obsolete part suppliers.

Motorcraft is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.