What is an eWID device?

In order to use the eWID feature in the app, you must:

  • Have your eWID device activated by your Dealership. 
  • Have your key fob paired by the dealership for command access. 
  • Add your vehicle to FordPass®*.
  • Activate your vehicle. 

Ford is launching Connectivity Devices for all North America markets. These new devices ePID (Enterprise Plug-In Device) and eWID (Enterprise Wired-In Device) will be available to Ford customers through Ford dealerships. eWID is a product that enables Vehicle Connectivity for vehicles that do not have TCU (SYNC/FordPass Connect embedded modem) installed. eWID devices will be installed in vehicles during the assembly process and will require authorization at the Dealer.

Only vehicles equipped with eWID devices will have this  decal on the window for driver connectivity notification. 

Vehicles with a Connectivity Device provides Members with internet access directly from the vehicle and allows access to vehicle data and location to allow connected features to be activated. These Connectivity Devices use a SIM card to exchange data much like a phone. 

Members will have the option to set up a contract with AT&T (US and Mexico) or Rogers Wireless (Canada), the network provider for FordPass Connect, to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot for their vehicle. Each new vehicle is eligible for a free trial subscription of 3 months or 3GB of usage, whichever comes first. AT&T (US and Mexico) and Rogers Wireless (Canada) are the exclusive data suppliers for the market and requires activation via AT&T/ Rogers Wireless websites. The contract between AT&T/ Rogers Wireless and Members will differ in price and data based on the region. 

Note: For remote control/command features, the dealership must pair the existing Key FOB with your Connectivity Device. 

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*The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.