How do I create a Ford MyKey®*?

You can create a MyKey using your existing keys and your SYNC®** system or information display.

Creating a MyKey

  1. Choose which of your keys will become your MyKey. The other will become an administrator key.
  2. Insert the key you want to program into the ignition. If your vehicle is equipped with a push-button start, place the intelligent access key fob into the backup slot.
  3. Start your vehicle.
  4. Create a MyKey using:
    • The information display
      1. Select Settings.
      2. Select MyKey.
      3. Select Create MyKey.
      4. Hold the OK button until you see a message prompting you to label the key as a MyKey.
    • Your vehicle's SYNC screen (if equipped)
      1. Press Settings.
      2. Tap Vehicle.
      3. Touch MyKey.
      4. Select Create MyKey.
  5. Turn off your vehicle. The key will be restricted the next time it is used to start the vehicle.

Note: Make sure to label the MyKey so you can distinguish it from the admin keys.

Programming Optional MyKey Settings

You can configure certain vehicle feature settings when you first create a MyKey. Learn how to change the settings afterward with an admin key here.

Additional Information

How do I clear MyKey?
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*Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment, and need to control the vehicle. See your Owner’s Manual for details and limitations.

**Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.