How do I use the Ford Towing* Calculator to find the towing capacity of my vehicle?

The Ford online Towing Calculator provides a quick way to calculate the maximum loaded trailer weight and maximum tongue weight for your vehicle.

Important: Only 2020 Model Year and newer F-Series pickup trucks capable of towing have the ability to use the Ford Towing Calculator at this time. Please check back at a later date to see if additional vehicles have been added.

Using the Ford Towing Calculator

To determine the towing capacity of your vehicle using the Ford Towing calculator:

  1. Log in to your Ford account on
  2. Select a vehicle that is eligible to use the Towing Calculator from your garage.
    • If the vehicle selected is eligible, when you scroll down you will see a TOWING CALCULATOR tile.
    • If the vehicle selected is ineligible, this tile will not appear.
  3. Scroll down and select Start Now in the TOWING CALCULATOR tile.
  4. Read the warning and click Okay.
  5. Scroll down to see the general ratings for your vehicle, and select Conventional, Gooseneck, or 5th Wheel to view data based on different hitch types.
  6. Select Configure to calculate for your specific needs.
  7. Enter the estimated weights:
    • Occupant(s) – All the occupants of the vehicle
    • Cargo – Items carried by the vehicle
    • Accessories – Additional vehicle add-ons and trailer connection hardware
  8. Select Calculate and the Towing Calculator will provide Max Tongue Load and Max Trailer Weight based on the information you entered.
    • If your vehicle is capable of towing what you require, you will see a message at the top of the page advising, “Weight is within your vehicle’s ratings.”
      Weight is within your vehicle's rating message.
    • If your vehicle is incapable of towing what you require, you will see a message at the top of the page advising, “Weight exceeds your vehicle’s ratings. Reduce added weight.”
      Weight exceeds your vehicle's ratings. Reduce added weight message.

      Note: Choose Edit Values to update the information you entered.
      Edit towing calculator values.

Additional Information

Ford Online Towing Calculator Frequently Asked Questions
What is towing capacity?

*Before towing, review your Owner's Manual and the RV & Trailer Towing Guide for information specific to your vehicle. You can also consult your Ford Dealer about additional equipment needs.