Over-the-Air Updates112 introduce new features and enhancements, to help ensure you are enjoying the best version of your vehicle. Some updates will seamlessly complete in the background. More complex updates might require your vehicle to be parked with the ignition off for a short period of time in order to complete. For these types of updates, you will choose a recurring schedule that is most convenient for you.   



The Benefits of Over-the-Air Updates


Many Over-the-Air Updates are seamless, enabled through an innovative cloud-connected and vehicle software platform that keeps current software running until the new version is ready to go – technology not even available with some smartphones today. Secure Over-the-Air Updates also offer enhancements throughout your vehicle, from the SYNC® system to upgrades that enhance quality, capability and convenience, and will improve your ownership experience over time.



Vehicles Equipped with Over-the-Air Capabilities


Currently, only the 2021 Mustang Mach-E and 2021 F-150 are capable of Over-the-Air Updates. In the future, more new vehicles will have Over-the-Air Update capabilities.



In-Vehicle Over-the-Air Update Icons


Keep an eye out for Over-the-Air Update icons that might show up on your in-vehicle screen. These icons inform you about your update once clicked:


    There is an update available. This icon will only appear if Automatic Updates are turned off (Manual setting).


    A previously scheduled update is about to occur.


    An update is available but needs to be scheduled.


    An update is available but needs your permission to proceed.


    An update has failed to complete.


    An update has completed and is ready for your review.