Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are over-the-air software updates?


A: Over-the-air software updates introduce new features and updates via Wi-Fi Network available with SYNC 4 and SYNC 4A, ensuring you are always enjoying the best version of your vehicle.112



Q: When do software updates become available?


A: Software updates occur on a rolling basis. By default, your vehicle will start the update process as soon as a new version becomes available. Keep an eye out for Over-the-Air Update icons to show up on your in-vehicle display, since they will inform you about your update once clicked. You can see what some of these icons mean by visiting our What Are Software Updates article.112


Q: What does my update include?


A: You can check your in-vehicle Update Details screen when an update becomes available. You can also visit the FordPass™ App99 and your Dashboard to view the update details.



Q: Where can I find information on my most recent successful software update?


A: Both in your vehicle and by logging in to your FordPass App99 or account.


  • In your vehicle, go to the Settings menu and tap on System Updates to learn more.  
  • In the app, you will get an alert on your Home screen where you can view the most recent successful Over-the-Air Update details.



Q: What do I need to do to get software updates?


A: We recommend setting a recurring schedule and connecting your vehicle to a frequently used and in-range private Wi-Fi network in order to get updates as soon as they become available. Visit the How to Connect to Wi-Fi article to learn more.



Q: Why do I have to schedule an update?


A: Some updates require your vehicle to be non-drivable for a short period of time (parked with the ignition off), with only a two-minute window to cancel, should you need it. When you set a recurring schedule, you can ensure that these types of updates will occur when you won’t be driving (I.e. overnight, during work, i.e.,). You’ll get an in-vehicle reminder before the update takes place. Visit our How to Set Or Change Schedule article to learn more.



Q: What if I forget my update schedule?


A: You will get an in-vehicle reminder up to 24 hours before your scheduled installation time. You’ll have the ability to change your scheduled time up to two minutes before the update starts. You will also see a reminder in your FordPass App99 and on your Dashboard.



Q: Can I change my software update settings?


A: Yes, but it’s not recommended. With Automatic Updates on, you’ll have a seamless update experience and you’ll receive the latest features and enhancements without missing a step. See Auto Update How-To for more information.



Q: Should I connect to Wi-Fi?


A:  When it is required for the update, connecting your vehicle to Wi-Fi can help you download software updates faster. You can view in your FordPass App99 and on your Dashboard if Wi-Fi is required for a pending update.



Q: Can I connect to a public Wi-Fi?


A: Maybe in the future. We’re still working on that.



Q: Can I drive my vehicle while the update is happening?


A: It depends. Some updates require your vehicle to be non-drivable for a short period of time (parked with the ignition off). If that’s the case, we’ll notify you ahead of time so you can prepare. To ensure you won’t need your vehicle during your scheduled update time, it’s best to set your recurring schedule at a time when you know you won’t need your vehicle (i.e., overnight, during work, etc.). Other updates complete seamlessly in the background and won’t require a schedule. 



Q: Can I cancel a software update once it begins?


A: You cannot cancel a software update once it has started. 



Q: What do I do if I need help with  a software update?


A: You can contact the Customer Relationship Center who will be happy to walk you through the process or you can contact your dealer.



Q: How do I know if my update was successful?


A: You will be notified in your vehicle as well as in your FordPass App99 and on your Dashboard. You will see a Success Icon on your in-vehicle screen. 



Q: Why did I get an update but don’t see any changes?


A: Some software updates can be minor bug fixes, which may not result in any noticeable changes to the driving experience. 



Q: Will I be notified when a software update is available?


A:  Yes, if an update is pending and requires your permission to continue. If an update does not require action and can happen in the background, you will be notified once the update completes.



Q: Is there a cost for software updates?


A:  You will be notified if a software update has a cost associated with it.



Q: Why did my friend/neighbor/etc. receive a software update and I didn’t?


A: There could be a few reasons:


  1. Your vehicle may not support over-the-air software updates. Refer to your owner’s manual to double-check.
  2. If you have turned Automatic Updates OFF, you must have Notifications ON in order to get over-the-air software updates.
  3. You need to take action to progress the update. Look at your in-vehicle screen, Dashboard or FordPass App99 to see if you have an update pending.



Q: What does this icon mean?


A: Keep an eye out for over-the-air software update icons that might show up on your in-vehicle screen. These icons inform you about your update once clicked: 


    There is an update available. This icon will only appear if Automatic Updates are turned off (Manual setting).


    A previously scheduled update is about to occur.


    An update is available but needs to be scheduled.


    An update is available but needs your permission to proceed.


    An update has failed to complete.


    An update has completed and is ready for your review.