2019 Transit Connect


Transit connect cargo van driving over a highway bridge heading to a job


The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van was designed, engineered and built to help you get the job done safely. Get through the long workday in confidence with standard safety features including the rear view camera10 , Safety Canopy®  System, Curve Control and AdvanceTrac® 19  with RSC (Roll Stability Control™).
Close up image of the large screen showing what is behind you while vehicle is backing up


The manoeuvrable Transit Connect Cargo Van is designed to work efficiently in tight places, especially when you’re making deliveries in congested areas. So the standard rear view camera10  is a feature you won’t want to be without. When you shift into reverse, it displays a video image of what’s behind your vehicle on the screen in the center stack. It also provides guidelines to help you align your vehicle when you're backing up.
U.S. Model Shown with optional 6.5-inch screen.
A dark blue transit connect passenger wagon driving on a curvy street


Standard AdvanceTrac® with RSC® 19  (Roll Stability Control ) uses two gyroscopic sensors monitoring yaw and roll rates, and selectively applies braking pressure to help you maintain control whenever it detects wheelslip, understeer, oversteer or roll motion. It also helps maintain control on road conditions such as ice, gravel or rain.
*Always wear your safety belt and secure children in the rear seat.
Transit connect cargo van driving over a curved expressway ramp


Curve Control19  continuously measures roll and yaw rate, acceleration, wheel speed, and steering wheel angle. The system helps drivers maintain control when entering a curve too fast by reducing engine torque and applying four-wheel braking to reduce speed.19