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Why Ford Wholesale Parts?
Because your customers deserve precision, performance and peace of mind.

Here’s why you should only use Ford Collision Parts


Ford Collision Parts are engineered to look and perform as close to the original parts. What does that mean for you and your customers? For you, it means easy, time-efficient installations because of a precise fit. For your customers, it means like new performance and trusted reliability. Plus, Ford Sheet Metal comes with a Lifetime Warranty backed by the Ford Protection Plan for complete peace of mind.

Fleet Services


Ford and Motorcraft®  Parts are specifically engineered to fit Ford vehicles, so you can count on your Fleet to perform at optimal levels for longer periods of time.

Independent Repair Facilities


Our parts are designed to fit Ford vehicles perfectly so you can expect easy and time-efficient installations. And that means more satisfied customers. If you're looking for quality, easily installed parts at a competitive price, choose Ford and Motorcraft® Parts, available only at your local Ford Store.

Wholesale Warranties