How often do I need to get my Ford vehicle serviced?

We recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle. To find a copy of the maintenance schedule for your vehicle: 

  • Check your Owner's Manual under Scheduled Maintenance.
  • Log into the FordPass®* App:
    1. Navigate to the Vehicle landing page. 
    2. Select the Service header. 
    3. Tap Maintenance Schedule.
    4. Select the respective odometer service package.
    5. If you'd like to contact a Dealer, select Call Dealer.

Note: Select Find Dealer if you have not set a preferred dealer

For more information, visit How to Maintain Your Ford Vehicle. To schedule maintenance, visit the Ford Maintenance Schedule website or contact your Ford Dealer.

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*The FordPass App, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. Message and data rates may apply.