What is Ford MyKey®?

MyKey allows you to program keys with restricted driving modes to promote good driving habits. You can program the restrictions to all keys except one. Any keys that you did not program are administrator keys or admin keys.

You can use admin keys to:

Standard Settings

Not every vehicle includes the features listed below. If your vehicle has this equipment, you cannot change the following settings when using a MyKey:

  • Seatbelt reminder or Belt-Minder™. MyKey mutes the audio system until drivers, and in some instances, passengers, fasten their seatbelts.
  • Earlier low-fuel warning. The low-fuel warning activates earlier, giving you more time to refuel.
  • Certain driver alerts, stability systems, or parking aids turn on automatically when you use the MyKey system. For example, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, or forward collision warning.
    • Note: You may be able to turn the lane departure warning feature off, but this feature turns back on automatically with every new key cycle.
  • Restricted touchscreen operation in some markets. For example, MyKey may prevent manual navigation destination input while the vehicle is in any gear other than park (P) or when the vehicle reaches a certain rate of speed.
  • Screened radio content. Satellite radio adult content restrictions if this feature is available in your market.

Optional Settings

You can configure certain vehicle feature settings when you first create a MyKey. You can also change the settings afterward with an admin key.

Note: Not every feature applies to every vehicle in every market. When they are available for your vehicle, they will appear in your information display, providing choices to switch them on or off or select a more specific setting.

  • Various vehicle speed limits so that you cannot exceed certain speeds. The information display shows warnings followed by an audible tone when the MyKey driver reaches the set speed. You cannot override the set speed by fully depressing the accelerator pedal.
  • Various vehicle speed reminders so you know when your vehicle speed approaches the limits. Warnings appear in your information display, and a tone sounds when you exceed the set vehicle speed.
  • The audio system's maximum volume limits to 45% so MyKey drivers can concentrate on the road. A message appears in the information display when you attempt to exceed the limited volume. MyKey also disables the automatic volume control.
  • Always On setting. This setting forces certain features to remain on and active. For example, E911 or emergency assistance and the do not disturb features stay on even if you use the feature's control to switch it off. When selected, you will not be able to turn off Advance Trac or traction control (if your vehicle has this feature).

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