What is the Ford warranty on paint?

Paint is covered during the New Vehicle Limited Warranty of your vehicle.  To determine if there is a paint-related concern on your vehicle that will be covered under warranty, please visit your local Ford Dealer, which will be able to review the concern for coverage.

What is not covered

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover surface rust and deterioration of paint, trim, and appearance items that result from use/or exposure to the elements.

Some examples include:

  • Stone chips, scratches
  • Dings, dents
  • Road salt, tree sap
  • Lightning, hail, windstorm
  • Earthquake, water, or flood

We recommend that you wash and wax your vehicle regularly to remove harmful deposits from the vehicle’s surfaces to help protect the finish. For instructions on how to clean your vehicle, refer to the Vehicle Care section in your Owner's Manual.

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