Charging, Rebates and Other EV Benefits |

Benefits & Maintenance

The pickup will excite you. The quietness will surprise you. And the money you can save on fuel and maintenance, plus other benefits like access to HOV lanes with green licence plates? You’ll probably enjoy those, too.

Go electric. Get rebates. 

If you live in British Columbia or Quebec, you can get money back through provincial EV incentive programs.37  
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British Columbia

Receive rebates for eligible EV purchases plus home and workplace charging station incentives as part of BC’s Clean Energy Vehicle Program.

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Receive rebates for eligible EV purchases through Quebec’s Drive Electric Purchase or Lease Rebate Program.

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Battery Basics

Battery Warranty


Charging Station Availability

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With thousands of public charging stations in Canada and more are becoming available, getting powered up is easy. That’s in addition to the ability to charge electric vehicles conveniently from home, or at the office. You can plug into a standard 120-volt outlet, or use available 240-volt outlets for a faster charge.


Petro-Canada is introducing a network of EV Fast Charge stations all across Canada. Now, wherever you travel from coast to coast, they may help charge up your journey.

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EV Charging Basics

There are typically 3 primary levels of charging for electric vehicles.

Find everything you need to know including the differences between home and public charging stations.

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Regular service becomes a lot less regular

Regular service like oil changes and tune-ups are needed less often in hybrids, and you’ll never need an oil change with BEVs. EVs also use regenerative braking so it’s possible that brakes may last longer.
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Choose the experts

When it comes time to service, you can count on a Ford Certified EV Dealer because they know Ford EVs.

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Guide to shop your ride

Get some tips about shopping for an electric car straight from someone who owns one.
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