Grow Your Repair Facility Business with the Ford Professional Service Network


Ford’s Professional Service Network Membership has its Rewards 

  • No-Charge membership

    No-cost membership for qualifying repair facilities
  • Rebates & incentives

    Access to quarterly rewards and rebates on eligible purchases142

  • Technical service information

    Access to vital technical service information: workshop manuals, service bulletins and more
A Ford technician searches for parts on a shelf

Certified Parts Wholesale Dealer at Your Service

Express Delivery

Estimated 30 - 60-minute Hot Shot express delivery within 25 kms. of participating dealerships to order parts and have them delivered so that your customers get back on the road faster


Browse. Shop. Buy

E-Commerce website for your repair facility to shop and buy Ford parts with capabilities to cater to your facility’s needs


Dedicated sales representative

Ford-Trained, professional and dedicated full-time Outside Sales Representative/s who understands your unique needs and acts in your best interest

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How to Become a Member

Your repair business can become a PSN member if it meets the following eligibility criteria:


  • Maintains all required business registrations and employs at least one licensed technician
  • Maintains at least one service bay open to the public
  • Has a valid GST registration number
  • If the Independent Repair Facility (IRF) is a sole proprietorship, the person is at least 18 years of age and is operating the IRF solely for business or commercial purposes
  • Sponsored by a Ford or Lincoln dealership; and approved by Ford in its absolute discretion


Your business will not be eligible for membership if it is a/an:


  • New vehicle dealership and used vehicle dealership affiliated with any new vehicle dealership; and
  • Entity that purchases or leases vehicles for use in their day-to-day business.


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