How do I claim a refund with Ford Roadside Assistance*?

You can submit your Roadside Assistance claim online at to receive reimbursement of up to $500 for eligible tow services or travel expenses in the event that your vehicle has become disabled due to a mechanical breakdown, and you have had to use a service other than Roadside Assistance or while you are more than 160 kilometres from your residence address.

Claim Details and Procedure

  • File your claim no later than 20 days after the occurrence.
  • Include a letter detailing the sequence of events from the time the vehicle broke down to the time the vehicle was picked up.
  • Include paid receipts that clearly detail the nature of the service being claimed, including copies of the tow receipt or repair/work order that pertain to the breakdown and all other pertinent receipts for the claim.
  • Retain a copy of all receipts and documentation.
  • Please allow four-six weeks for the processing of your claim.

Covered Expenses or Situations

  • Local lodging and meals (gratuities and alcohol are excluded)
  • Vehicle rentals from a valid car rental agency (only basic daily vehicle rental rate is covered together with applicable taxes – all other rental costs are excluded including the cost of gas)
  • Commercial transportation to your destination, and return after repairs are completed
  • Coverage period is the lesser of: the date of vehicle disablement up to three days in total, or the time at which your vehicle is repaired
  • Your trailer needs towing because the eligible towing vehicle is disabled, up to a maximum of $100.

Note: If the towing vehicle is operational, but the trailer is not, then the trailer does not qualify for reimbursement.

How to Submit Your Claim

Once you have compiled your documentation and receipts, submit your claims to You can also contact your local Ford Dealer for assistance with filing a refund claim.

For more information, visit the Roadside Assistance page on or contact Roadside Assistance directly at 1-800-665-2006.

Additional Information

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*Roadside assistance is subject to your vehicle’s coverage and may not be available for all makes and models of vehicles.