The Legendary Ford Bronco - SUV Returning by Popular Demand |


Return to Baja

Bronco delivered on this vision and proved to be one of the most rugged and capable vehicles ever made. Bronco’s high-speed, off-road capability was most famously put to the test in 1969, when legendary off-road racer Rod Hall won the Baja 1000 outright, a distinction that no other 4WD vehicle has matched.
The original 1966 Ford Baja Bronco is shown beside the all new 2021 Ford Baja Bronco on an off road course
The new Bronco will honour this storied heritage, designed from the ground up to confidently take on any terrain and bring people back to the wild. And, to ensure that the new Bronco will fulfill its legacy, we'll be testing our new model by racing a prototype at the Baja 1000 in 2019. To follow this journey, check out
A dirt road is shown running through a lush green forest