2022 Expedition


Impressive Estimated Fuel Consumption Ratings

When you look under the hood of the 2022 Expedition you’ll see where power and performance meet fuel efficiency. The 3.5L EcoBoost® Engine churns out 380 horsepower11 and 470 lb.-ft. of torque11 while delivering a rating of 14.8 City L/100km, 10.6 Hwy L/100km, 12.9 Combined L/100km. * It’s designed with active aerodynamics and grille shutters. The front air diffuser allows for more capability to supersede obstacles at lower speeds while improving aerodynamics at higher speeds to maximize efficiency.

*EPA-estimated rating of 14.8 City L/100 km, 10.6 Hwy L/100km, 12.9 Combined L/100km combined, 3.5L EcoBoost engine/10-Speed Automatic Transmission/ 4x4 Drivetrain. Actual mileage will vary.

U.S. model shown.

A 2022 Ford Expedition driving on a highway near water with the city in the background

Expedition Power

U.S. model shown.
A 2022 Ford Expedition facing an ocean with cliffs to the left and people taking photographs in front

New Expedition Stealth Performance Edition Package

The new Stealth Performance Edition Package has a lot to offer that will put more thrill in your drive. It comes equipped with the 3.5L EcoBoost® high-output engine, a dual-exhaust system and a sport-tuned suspension with the option to use the continuously controlled damping (CCD) feature so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for handling.


U.S. model shown.

A 2022 Ford Expedition being driven on a curvy road with the ocean in the background
A 2022 Ford Expedition being driven uphill on a grassy, dirt road

Adaptive Suspension and Road Preview

The 2022 Expedition SUV now also features available Road Preview10. A mounted camera within the grille monitors the road ahead to protect your SUV against jarring impacts resulting from road imperfections. Road Preview also helps to prevent and adapt the suspension for upcoming deviations that may involve sensing speed bumps up ahead.

Always consult the Owner’s Manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty and use appropriate safety gear. Ford is committed to the preservation of the environment and treading lightly.

U.S. model shown.

A 2022 Ford Expedition driving through water in a scenic location

Independent Front and Rear Suspension

For a smooth ride, independent front and rear suspension deliver impressive handling and cornering with better stability and steering than a solid axle.
U.S. model shown.