General Roadside Assistance Info

When you drive a Ford, you can enjoy a worry-free ownership experience with Ford of Canada’s Roadside Assistance. It’s available to you 24/7 for travel anywhere in Canada and the continental United States. So, happy road tripping!

Coverage Details


Drivers of registered Ford vehicles within the roadside coverage period are provided roadside assistance by Foundever Assistance Services Corporation (FASC) on behalf of Ford of Canada.


Coverage Period


Although this program is separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, the coverage is concurrent with the Powertrain coverage period of your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty.


Cars and Light Trucks: 5 year/100,000 km (whichever occurs first)

Light Trucks (diesel): 5 year/160,000 km (whichever occurs first)

Heavy Trucks (F650/750): 2 year/unlimited km


Roadside Assistance starts from the original warranty start date (i.e. the original retail delivery date or the date of first use, whichever occurs first). This initial coverage is a complimentary service. Ford of Canada may cancel your initial coverage at any time by written notice. There is no refund available to you in the event of cancellation.


In addition, the Selling Dealer Service Commitment Program will authorize a tow up to 500 km to the selling dealer within the first 60 days or 5000 km (whichever occurs first from the original warranty start date).


For more information on your coverage, please call 1.800.665.2006 or you can send an email directly to FASC with your VIN, contact information and the nature of request.


Covered Services


Ford Roadside Assistance coverage is not a warranty, but a service provided to you by Assistance Services Group (ASG) on behalf of Ford of Canada to minimize any unforeseen vehicle operation inconvenience. All coverage is limited to vehicles using publicly maintained roads (excludes off-road use, logging roads, etc.) and adjacent sites, and any other locations, which in the discretion of the service provider constitutes a publicly travelled thoroughfare.


Roadside Service:


  • Mechanical breakdown tow: Towing of a disabled vehicle to the nearest Ford dealership, or the selling dealer if within 25 kilometres of the nearest dealer (one tow per disablement).
  • Accident tow: When not covered by insurance, towing coverage is to the nearest authorized Ford dealership or dealer approved body shop, up to a maximum of 50 kilometres.
  • Battery boost: Jump-start a vehicle if the battery loses charge.
  • Electric vehicle out of charge:  Towing of disabled vehicle to your choice of the closest public charging station, the nearest participating Ford EV-certified dealer or your home residence. If outside of a 25 kilometre radius, Roadside will tow the vehicle to the nearest available charging station among the three options.
  • Fuel delivery: Delivery of up to 10 litres of fuel to stranded vehicles (i.e. vehicles that are out of fuel and not running), up to a maximum of 2 deliveries in a 12-month period. Vehicles stranded at refueling stations or dealers are not eligible for benefits.
  • Winching: Available within 30 metres of a paved or publicly maintained road, no recoveries.
  • Flat tire: Replace a flat tire with a spare, if provided with the vehicle. If a spare tire is not available, we will tow you to the nearest dealer or the selling dealer if within 25 kilometres of the nearest dealer.
  • Lockout service: Unlock a vehicle if you are locked out (doesn't include the cost of key recovery or replacement).


Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement


Should your vehicle become disabled due to a mechanical breakdown or an accident while you are more than 160 kilometres from your residence address, we will reimburse you up to $500 (currency exchange not considered), for the following reasonable emergency expenses, when not covered by insurance. Please refer to Reimbursement Claiming Procedures for reimbursement details on submitting claims.


Covered Expenses:


  • Local lodging and meals (gratuities and alcohol are excluded)
  • Vehicle rentals from bona fide car rental agencies (only basic daily vehicle rental rate is covered together with applicable taxes – all other rental costs are excluded including the cost of gas).
  • Commercial transportation to your destination, and return after repairs are completed.


Coverage period is the lesser of: date of vehicle disablement up to three (3) days in total, or the time at which your vehicle is repaired. Claims must be submitted within twenty (20) days of incident to be eligible.


Travel Planner


As part of your Roadside Assistance plan, Ford offers Travel Planning services. Before you load up your Ford or Lincoln vehicle and embark on your next road trip, simply contact us to receive a free, customized Travel Planner through regular mail.


For more information, please call 1.800.665.2006 or you can send an email directly to FASC with your VIN, contact information and the nature of request.


Items Excluded From Coverage:


  • Parts, tire repairs, rental of towing equipment, storage fees, or any labour performed at a garage or service station.
  • Any form of impound towing by other than a licensed service station or garage.
  • Parts involved in lock-out service.
  • Assistance from private citizens.
  • All service operators providing service are independent contractors and are not employees of Ford. Therefore, the Ford Roadside Assistance Club does not assume any liability for any loss or damage to your vehicle or your personal property resulting from the rendering of such service.
  • Any loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the servicing facility and should be reported to the proprietor of the facility and your own insurance company within 24 hours and prior to any repairs being carried out. To report a damage or service complaint please call 1.800.665.2006.