Adjustable Steering Column

Knowing Your Vehicle - This video shows you how to adjust your steering column manually for a comfortable driving position.


Heated Mirrors

Knowing Your Vehicle - This video will show you how to identify if you have heated mirrors and how to activate them.


AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Knowing Your Vehicle - Enjoy peace of mind with the help of AdvanceTrac when the weather or road conditions become unfavorable. This informative video will explain how AdvancTrac works and how to use it.


Collision warning with brake support

Knowing Your Vehicle - This video explains how the Forward Collision Warning system on your vehicle uses innovative sensor technology to alert you of a potential collision with the vehicle in front of you.


Driver Alert System

Knowing Your Vehicle - This easy to follow video explains how the Driver Alert System on your vehicle works and how to turn it on and off.


Focus Moonroof

Knowing Your Vehicle - Enjoy the outdoors from the inside. The moon roof offers vent‚ tilt or fully open capability for your driving pleasure. This video shows you how to perform each function.


Hands Free Power Liftgate C-Max and Escape

Knowing Your Vehicle - Convenience you can appreciate. Watch and learn how to open the Escape or C-MAX power liftgate by simply kicking your foot underneath the rear bumper. Thanks to this innovative technology – a little kick is all it takes.


Hill start assist

Knowing Your Vehicle - This helpful video explains how the Hill Start Assist feature on your vehicle works to help prevent rollback when starting from a stop on hill.


Intelligent 3-blink turn signal

Knowing Your Vehicle - This video explains how to use the 3-blink turn signal on your vehicle.


Remote Start System

Knowing Your Vehicle - Heat up the interior on those cold mornings or cool it off in the summer before you even step foot inside. This video explains how to use the remote start feature on your 2013 Ford vehicle.


Power panoramic Vista Roof

Knowing Your Vehicle - Opening the moonroof is simple and quick. I’ll show you how.



Knowing Your Vehicle - Your car has a few features that automatically lock or unlock all of your doors. Autolock will lock all of your doors when your vehicle is moving and reaches a preset speed.


LED lock indicator

Knowing Your Vehicle - If the indicator light is on‚ all of your doors are locked. If the light is off‚ one or more of your doors are unlocked.


4-way head restraints

Knowing Your Vehicle - Your front headrest can be adjusted forward and back‚ and up and down. Moving them is simple. Here’s how.


Wiper courtesy swipe

Knowing Your Vehicle - The wipers on your vehicle have an interesting feature that you might not know about. To help get rid of the excess water that runs on your windshield after a wash‚ they give you an extra wipe a few seconds after washing.