Import Fords

The Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited began importing British-built Fords since 1933. There were only 10 brought in that year, but after World War II, Canadians developed a great fondness for Ford imports.


Over the years, foreign-built Fords have come from Great Britain, Germany and South Korea. All were the same models available to the Americans.


But there was peculiar twist recently when the Mercury Capri was imported from Australia to the United States. But that 1991-94 sporty 2-seater convertible was not sold in Canada.


It was built by Ford of Australia, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company of Canada. Because it was aimed at a small specialized market segment, Ford Motor Company of Canada did not believe it would be a profitable product to handle.


It had been quite evident, since Ford Motor Company of Canada was founded in 1904, that it has blazed its own trail in many ways as this review reports. And, it has done so with great success.