Ford Trucks - Military Vehicles

During World War II, Ford Motor Company of Canada produced some 335,000 vehicles for defence. Some were cars, station wagons and trucks similar to civilian models.


Ford built a large number of trucks known as CMP's (Canadian Military Pattern). Bodies conformed to a military design, but used Ford running gear. (General Motors also built CMP's, using Chevrolet power train.)


Ford Motor Company of Canada also produced military vehicles known as Universal Carriers.


Even after the war, Ford Motor Company of Canada filled a large order of military Jeeps. Production took place in late 1951 through 1955. Built under license from Willys, they were known as M-38 Ford trucks. During 1952, a total of 2438 were made.


In 1953 Willys-Overland was purchased by Kaiser. Also that year some styling changes were made. The new Jeeps looked a bit more rounded, and the model designation was changed to M-38-A1.


Of interest in those pre Auto Pact days was the fact that these postwar Canadian-made Jeep were shipped to the United States, for the American military forces.