Our manufacturing team enables our plants and facilities around the world to produce world-class vehicles that are green, safe, smart and have the high-quality standards our customers around the world expect. Our Manufacturing Team also ensures flawless and efficient assembly of the vehicle as well as the production tooling, design and installation.

Building Cross-Functional Excellence

To integrate manufacturing and engineering, we may rotate employees between assignments in engineering, manufacturing, and production supervision. These cross-functional experiences help create the next generation of manufacturing operations leaders.



  • Liaising between manufacturing and product design personnel.
  • Developing manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality products.



  • Coordinating the efforts of engineering, quality control and material handling to build our products.
  • Ensuring safety, quality and productivity in manufacturing.

Production Supervision:


  • Supervision component manufacturing or vehicle assembly operations.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance, training employees, developing teamwork, resolving conflicts.