Power Assist Seats

Power Assist Seats

Power Assist Seats

This equipment group contains two innovative systems that provide easy entrance into the vehicle of your choosing. Both involve a rotating seat that actually comes out of the vehicle and lowers for ideal access. Power and manual versions are available.

Rotating Seat:

This system for lower vehicles provides easy access to an automotive seat. The seat rotates out over the doorsill, bridging the gap for a safe transfer onto the seat. Once you're on, the seat rotates back into the vehicle. Both manual and power versions are available.

Rotating and Lift Seat:

This system for higher vehicles provides easy access to an automotive seat. The seat rotates, comes out of the vehicle and lowers toward the ground — eliminating the climbing and twisting normally required to enter a higher vehicle.

Under Floor Lift Seat:

The underfloor power transfer seat helps you get in and out of your truck without any modifications to the cab. Keep all the space and features you enjoy. The Stow-Away™ discreetly hides under the truck in a sealed, rugged drawer. Press a button and the drawer opens and stops to your right transfer height. Once on the seat, press the same button and the seat continues raising to the cab.

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